With its modest length of 8 m, the Babbalucci doesn’t have much room available. Therefore, Build Tiny designed a space-saving layout centered around a split staircase that both provides easy access to its bedrooms and offers lots of storage.



Measuring a modest length of just 8 m (26 ft), the Babbalucci tiny house doesn’t have a lot of room available. To make the most of every inch, New Zealand’s Build Tiny designed a space-saving interior layout centered around a large split staircase that provides easy access to its two bedrooms and offers lots of opportunities for storage.

The Babbalucci is based on a double-axle trailer and consists of a steel frame and steel cladding. It gets power from a standard RV-style hookup.The home is accessed via bifold glass doors which really open up the interior to the outside when the weather suits and help fill it with daylight. Inside, the walls are tastefully finished in poplar core plywood and birch.

Visitors enter into a living room area with a sofa in the corner and some shelving. Nearby is the double staircase, which packs in lots of drawers and nooks and leads up to the tiny house’s two bedrooms. Both of these are typical loft-style bedrooms with low ceilings. They also host a double bed each and some storage space, as well as a lowered standing platform to make it easier to stand upright and get dressed.