Beam-Column Connection for

Concrete Filled FRP Tubes

Microstructure-Guided Numerical Simulation to

Evaluate the Influence of Phase Change Material

Evaluation and Assessment of

Concrete Prior to Rehabilitation



Sustainable Development &

Transformation in Construction

RC Columns Subjected to Reinforcement

Corrosion under Sustained Load

Evaluation of

Concrete Prior to Rehabilitatio

Sampling and Testing of Concrete as Part

of an Assessment (ACI 364.1R, Chapter 6)

Assessment and Repair of a Precast

Parking Deck with Construction Defect

Mitigating Curling of Concrete

Pavement by Phase Change Materials

GFRP Reinforcing: An

Engineer’s Perspective

Recent Advances in

Prestressed Concrete in Kore

Ductility of Fiber-Reinforced  Self-Consolidating

Concrete under Multi-Axial Compression

Complete Connection Design For

Steel To  Concrete Connection Using Software


Contract Crash-Course

Digitalisation of the

Building  and Construction sector

The Cost and Time Benefit of

Light Gauge Metal Construction

Breaking Down Steel-to-Concrete

 Connection Design and Workflow Limitation

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Grant Bellis

Pretensioned Bent Caps to Improve

Substructure Design and Performance

Use of Flexible Fille

r in Post-Tensioned Bridges

Damage to Concrete Buildings with Precast

Floors during the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake


Building Information Modeling

 5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management

Career and Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution


Waterproofing Assemblies

 Orange Case

. Self-Management at Scale

 Hilti & IDEA StatiCa:

Safety & Efficiency in Steel-to-Concrete Connection

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Sarah Roberts

Recent Supertall Concrete

Towers in the Middle East

On the Application of Basalt-Fiber Reinforced

Polymer  Bars to Prestressed Slab Elements

Concrete Pushes

Mexico to New Heights

Top 5

Construction Cases of 2019

Project Mangement:

Programmes and Time

France, A New Method, New Framework

, and New Roadmap for Improved Patient Access

 Modelling a Reinforced

Concrete  Frame Structure

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Alison Waterworth

Effects of Seawater

Exposure r on Hollow-Core


Simulation of Bridges

End Point Assessmen

t for Level 3 & 4 Technician

The Construction Programme:

Making it Your management Tool

What is

the Technical Report Route?


Mechanisms of CFRP

Advanced Numerica

l Modeling Methodology

Smart Building Project



Drones in Construction


Simulation of Bridges

Using Nonlinear

Finite Element Analysis


Healthcare & Compliance

DPR Construction Uses Assemble for

Prefab , Status  Tracking, Inventory Management

Rethinking the business

model for offsite construction