Project 13 Webinar – 30 September 2019

Quality Control of Silica Fume Concrete Bri Decks

Seismic Simulation of Bridges

Effects of Seawater Exposure r on Hollow-Core

Seismic Simulation of Bridges

End Point Assessment for Level 3 & 4 Technician

The Construction Programme: making it your management tool

What is the Technical Report Route?

ACI 544.7R-16: Report on Design and Construction

Concrete Bridge Columns

Damage Mechanisms of CFRP

Advanced Numerical Modeling Methodology

Smart Building Project

Drones in Construction

 ACI 544.6R-15: Report on Design and Construction

Circular Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Columns

High-Strength Reinforcement and Fibers

Using Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

RMIS, ERM Healthcare & Compliance

DPR Construction Uses Assemble for Prefab, Status Tracking, Inventory Management & More

Rethinking the business model for offsite construction