Digitalisation of the

Building  and Construction sector

The Cost and Time Benefit of

Light Gauge Metal Construction

Breaking Down Steel-to-Concrete

 Connection Design and Workflow Limitation

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Grant Bellis

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Jasmine Tombs



Composite Bridge



Project  13


Quality Control of

Silica Fume Concrete Bri Decks

 5 Steps to Advance Your Project Management

Career and Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution


Waterproofing Assemblies

 Orange Case

. Self-Management at Scale

 Hilti & IDEA StatiCa:

Safety & Efficiency in Steel-to-Concrete Connection

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Sarah Roberts

RAP 4, 5 & 7

Surface and Spall Repair

ACI 544.7R-16:

Report on Design and Construction


Bridge Columns

Project Mangement:

Programmes and Time

France, A New Method, New Framework

, and New Roadmap for Improved Patient Access

 Modelling a Reinforced

Concrete  Frame Structure

ICE Pitch

200 2019 Alison Waterworth

RAP 14—Concrete Remova

l Using Hydro Demolition

 ACI 544.6R-15

Report on Design and Construction

Circular Concrete

-Filled FRP Tube Columns

Effects of Seawater

Exposure r on Hollow-Core


Simulation of Bridges

End Point Assessmen

t for Level 3 & 4 Technician

The Construction Programme:

Making it Your management Tool

What is

the Technical Report Route?


Mechanisms of CFRP

Advanced Numerica

l Modeling Methodology

Smart Building Project



Drones in Construction


Simulation of Bridges

Using Nonlinear

Finite Element Analysis


Healthcare & Compliance

DPR Construction Uses Assemble for

Prefab , Status  Tracking, Inventory Management

Rethinking the business

model for offsite construction