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Since construction industry as a system is formed by different members and professions such as contractors, project owners, engineers, architects, government regulators, and industry suppliers and each them have their own requirements and questions, we try to be a complex to responding to their necessities effectively as well as offering the most suitable deals.



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7 Homes that Blend Perfectly with Nature

The following is an edited excerpt of the book "Solace in Nature: Homes that blend with the landscape." The introduction was written by architect Robert Swatt, while the entries were compiled by editor Jeanette Wall. Homes that blend with their surroundings emphasize...

Single Market Bill could ‘weaken Scots Grenfell Regulations

Peter Drummond, a senior member of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS), said the regulations had prevented a tragedy in Scotland like that at Grenfell Tower in 2017. The proposals are contained in the UK Internal Market Bill currently being...

Sharing the best professional visions

By sharing the best professional ideas, advises and visions we can help you or your business to develop and grow continually. All our videos are available for free.

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