Tiny houses aren’t just for living in, and we’ve covered a library, bakery, and even a wedding chapel based on the style in the past.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses offers yet another example with its latest project, which is a ticket kiosk that serves carpoolers in Aspen, Colorado.The City of Aspen Carpool Kiosk project was created because of a general lack of parking spaces in the area.It was decided to set up a carpool system, so to enable a ticket officer to issue free parking permits and keep track of the number of people using the service, the local government needed a structure with the kind of flexibility only an off-grid tiny house-style office can provide.

One idea that has been on the table for several years was to issue free parking vouchers for people who carpooled into Aspen from out of town,” explains Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. “In order to properly administer this, the city needed infrastructure and personnel to actually verify people were carpooling and issue the voucher. This structure needed to be located at the edge of town in a spot that the city owned and could handle the traffic count. It so happened it owned a park and ride station just a few miles north of downtown, however, they needed the building to be mobile in case it had to move to a different spot down the line