Many companies and thousands of researchers are working on vaccines for COVID-19. Never before in the history of medical science have so many different teams, many from competing companies, come together to work for a common cause.

And academics from the University of Chicago Booth School have joined in. Not in the quest for a new therapy or a vaccine, but to present information to businesses about what they should be looking for in the future.The lead editorial in the summer 2020 issue of Chicago Booth Review set up the proposition.

“In normal times, academic research and publishing are deliberately slow.” The point is not speed; it’s rigor and accuracy. “But COVID-19 has changed a lot, including the pace of research,” the editorial added.In short, things are changing so fast — in health care, in economics, with regard to racial justice — that leaders need information they can use now.

Ideas presented cover the gamut of the faculty of the Booth school. For example, there were articles on economics, policy, markets, business and health care.Of note to me are the articles on the societal impact of the pandemic on the workplace, the value of physical connections, and the impact of technology on well-being.