You could be forgiven for assuming that the Casa Ojalá tiny house concept we covered last year was too ambitious to actually be realized, but a prototype is indeed being built and readied for production.

Some additional details on the flexible tiny house have been made available and pre-orders are now open.To recap, Casa Ojalá is an attractive (non-towable) tiny house designed by architect Beatrice Bonzanigo that features a small 27-sq-m (290-sq-ft) footprint.

Its big selling point is its flexibility, which will allow the dwelling to be configured into lots of different variations (the press release actually says a thousand) and it’s also being promoted as suitable for glamping, hotels, and more.ts interior will include a main living space, a primary bedroom with a double bed and a secondary bedroom with a single bed, plus a bathtub and sunken toilet area, and a rooftop terrace that’s reached by a ladder inside.