Though tiny houses are most often designed for people to actually live in, Baluchon’s L’atelier de Saint-Joseph takes a different approach. The pint-sized project measures just 4 m in length and serves as an office for a healthcare worker.



sly most often created for people to actually live in, the small living movement has left its mark on everything from pubs to bookstores – and even wedding chapels. Another imaginative use comes from France’s Baluchon, which recently completed a portable office for a health worker.

The project is named L’atelier de Saint-Joseph (or Saint Joseph’s Workshop). It’s based on a double-axle trailer and measures just 4 m (13 ft) long. To put that into perspective, Minimaliste’s Magnolia V5 tiny house is 10.5 m (38 ft) long.

t’s finished in red cedar cladding and aluminum, and power comes from a standard RV-style hookup. Baluchon doesn’t specify what kind of healthcare it’ll be used for exactly, but says the owner is a health professional who will be using it to give advice.

The interior is very compact and is finished in solid oak and spruce, with lots of natural light thanks to the generous glazing. Curtains are also installed for privacy.