Back with yet another tiny home I am currently dreaming about – the Natura by The Tiny Housing Co!

The tiny house movement promotes living sustainably, you use only what you need in terms of resources and space which doesn’t hinder your quality of life and also allows enough time for nature to complete its replenishing cycle.

Natura is a wonderful example of the best to come out of the tiny house movement, it is an environmentally friendly home on wheels! “As negative as pandemic has been throughout the world, a positive thing that’s come from it is people have really come to realize that nature is important to people’s lives,” says Smith-Burchnell, Founder and Director of The Tiny Housing Co.

One of my favorite things about tiny homes is the loft-style beds because they give you a little private cozy corner and that is exactly how the bedroom in Natura is set up. It has a multifunctional king-sized bed with plenty of storage under the frame.