French firm Optinid recently completed another of its novel tiny houses that can be opened up to the elements with a sunroof-style sliding roof.

Named the Tiny d’Alexane, it serves as a vacation home and has an unusual interior layout that has no kitchen, but does offer a relatively spacious living area and a separate toilet and bathroom.The Tiny d’Alexane measures 6.6 m (21.6 ft) long and is based on a double-axle trailer.

Its exterior is finished in pine, with black polycarbonate accenting.The interior measures roughly 21 sq m (226 sq ft). A good chunk of this is taken up by the living room, which hosts a sofa bed that sleeps two and a large table that seats up to four people (the home is pictured before furniture was installed).

We’ve noted the poor cooking facilities in many French tiny house kitchens before, but with the Tiny d’Alexane, Optinid was specifically asked by the owner to not install any kitchen. This is because the home will be installed on a tourist site with food readily available.