Construction has always been an old school kind of business, even among the tech-savvy. A hands-on approach still seems the surest way to get things done in an industry propelled by demanding project schedules and ever-increasing complexity.

2019 is far beyond the dawn of technology as an asset in commercial construction, yet many in the industry still find the integration of new technologies difficult, expensive and sometimes less than successful.

In the spring of 2019, MasterGraphics.aec (MG.aec), national specialists in design and construction technology and process innovation and a premier partner of Autodesk, convened a General Contractor Round Table in Denver.

A group of 10 participating firms enjoyed lunch and a thoughtful, spontaneous conversation on the challenges and benefits, frustrations and successes they experience in the technological hurn.“MG.aec is interested in understanding the issues the building industry faces from the users’ perspective.

We’ll conduct similar Round Tables nationally,” says Stan Hennigh, Business Development Manager of MG.aec’s Construction and Specialized Services team. The Denver Round Table included participants from readily-recognized general contractors

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