Sydney, Australia’s Fresh Prince has done an excellent job with its recently-completed Barrington Tops Cabin. The tiny house runs off-the-grid with a roof-based solar power setup and features a simple but comfortable interior suitable for up to two people.

The Barrington Tops Cabin is based on a double-axle trailer and measures 14 sq m (150 sq ft). It’s clad in Weathertex, which is made from timber industry by-product, and consists of a timber frame, with rigid foam insulation.Over on the opposite side of the cabin to the bedroom is the bathroom. This is finished in fiber cement sheets, lending it a utilitarian look that’s accentuated by the copper pipe taps and shower.

The bathroom also has a composting toilet and operable window louvers.The Barrington Tops Cabin gets all power from its roof-based solar panels and features LED lighting and efficient Low-E glazing. It’s located by a river in a picturesque spot near the Barrington Tops National Park, a protected national park in Hunter Valley, Australia.