New Zealand’s Build Tiny recently completed a new towable home that gets its name from combining the names of the owner’s two grandmothers.

Family is a strong theme with the Daisy Vera Tiny House and the off-grid model also integrates an heirloom stained glass window.The Daisy Vera Tiny House is based on a standard double-axle trailer and measures 7.2 m (23 ft) long. It has a steel frame and is finished in vinyl cladding. The interior is finished in poplar plywood and it looks quite light-filled thanks to the generous glazing.

Visitors enter into the living room, which includes a sofa bed, with a small storage loft above that’s accessed by ladder. Nearby is the stained glass window, which is encased in a double-glazed window unit to keep it safe. The Daisy Vera Tiny House is actually the third home that the stained glass window has been installed into so far.The kitchen is adjacent and features a washing machine, oven, and a propane-powered stove, plus a fridge. A small fold-up table extends the counter space and there’s also quite a bit of storage space tucked away, including a pull-out pantry and a pull-out trash storage area.