Mountain House Architects was commissioned to create a private home and graphic design office in an awkward narrow plot flanked by apartment buildings. In response, the Japanese firm designed the 4.2 m (13.7 ft) wide House in Osaka.

Though House in Osaka is certainly narrow, it’s not as skinny as some other examples we’ve seen, like the 2.3 m (91 inch) wide Slim House or the 3.7 m (12 ft) SkinnyScar, for example. Like the SkinnyScar, it’s also relatively deep, measuring 18 m (60 ft), so Mountain House Architects still had some space to work with.

The interior is accessed by two doors: one connects to the graphic design office and the other offers access directly into the home proper. The layout is arranged around a central staircase and consists of a total floorspace of 97 sq m (1,044 sq ft), spread over three floors.

The decor, both in office and home, is utilitarian, with unfinished wood used throughout. Mountain House Architects also installed glazing at key points to try and maximize light inside without ruining the privacy of the owners or neighbors.