Mohamed H. Mussa, Noor Azim Mohd Radzi, Roszilah Hamid and Azrul A. Mutalib



The study aims to investigate the fire performance of reinforced concrete (RC) slab fabricated from high volume fly ash inclusion with nano-silica (HVFANS) under ISO 834 load curve.

The HVFANS concrete slab with dimensions of 1850 mm × 1700 mm × 200 mm was tested via an electrical furnace under an exposing temperature of 1100 °C for 120 min. The slab behaviour was evaluated in terms of residual compressive strength, temperature distribution along its thickness, spalling, and cracks.

The results revealed that the slab was capable of maintaining 62.19% of its original compressive strength at room temperature after exposure to the above temperature. Moreover, the distribution of temperature revealed that the temperature of concrete cover and bottom reinforcement was less than 300 °C with a maximum spalling depth of 11 mm within the temperature range of 680 to 840 °C.

Furthermore, the thermal conductivity index (K) of the HVFANS concrete was determined, and results indicated that thermal conductivity equalled 0.35 W/mK which is considered low, as compared with other concretes tested in current and previous studies.



fire test; high volume fly ash nano-silica concrete; ISO 834; spalling and cracks; thermal conductivity.