Dreamweaver Tiny House Runs on or Off-the-Grid


Following its Cherry Picker Tiny House, busy New Zealand-based firm Build Tiny has now completed the Dreamweaver Tiny House. The compact towable home includes two bedrooms, and offers the flexibility of running on or off-the-grid.The Dreamweaver Tiny House is based on a double-axle trailer and comprises a steel frame with a vinyl cladding exterior. It measures 8 m (26 ft) long and 2.4 m (7.9 ft) wide.

Visitors enter the home through glazed doors with an integrated smart cat flap – the latter only opens when it detects the owner’s cat’s microchip, in order to keep other animals out. The living room is situated to the right and contains a sofa. Nearby is the kitchen, which is fairly well-stocked by tiny house standards and includes a full-size fridge and oven with four-burner propane-powered stove, as well as a washing machine. There’s also a pull-out pantry and some cabinetry.

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