One of the many challenges of downsizing to a tiny house is that there’s often nowhere for guests to stay, and the situation is even trickier in France where the tiny houses are usually smaller than in the US.

The Mogote tiny house, by Baluchon, sleeps two in its bedroom but also makes room for guests with a sofa bed.The Mogote, which is named after limestone mountains in Cuba, is based on a double-axle trailer and measures 6 m (19.6 ft) long. The home is finished in red cedar with an aluminum roof. The frame is spruce and insulation is a mixture of cotton, linen and hemp.Visitors enter into the living room, which includes a sofa bed and some shelving.

The interior layout is relatively roomy by French tiny house standards – which is still not at all spacious compared to the massive models in North America – and nearby lies a combined kitchen and dining area. This contains a two burner stove, some cabinetry, a sink, and a fridge. The dining table seats just two, so guests will have to eat using trays across their laps.Further into the home, at the opposite end to the living room, lies the bathroom. This contains a toilet, shower, and a sink, which we believe is a first for Baluchon, and a definite improvement over previous models.