This tiny house is as unique as it is stunning! When building a tiny house, the more time that you can spend in the design phase, the more likely you are to create a home that will truly meet your needs and that’s exactly the case with this incredible tiny house on wheels which has some absolutely unique, never before seen features!

Lilah and Ollie spent a lot of time researching and traveling around New Zealand, staying in as many different tiny homes as possible to get ideas for their own dream tiny house. They drew out sketches, chalked out designs on their driveway and even went online to create 3D models of their home to make sure that they got the design right.

The end result is a wonderful, modern and spacious tiny house filled with unique features such as a bump out in the roof to create additional standing room in the sleeping loft, a brilliant open plan kitchen / living room with island and even a bath tub hidden under the deck!