Augmented reality (AR) — superimposing computer-generated images on the user’s view of the real world — is increasingly used in a variety of applications today.From smartphone games and social media filters to furniture design and classroom education, this technology is being utilized across virtually every industry, and building design and construction is no exception.

In fact, exciting developments are happening at the intersection of AR and the work we do at Stellar. While it’s been used as a marketing and selling tool, we’re beginning to apply AR on job sites more frequently. It’s safe to say this powerful technology is revolutionizing the way buildings are designed, constructed and renovated.Before groundbreaking occurs, augmented reality can help owners visualize what their new facility will look like in the context of the site.

Simply by holding up a tablet to the empty plot of land, you can see the completed building in relation to its surroundings. What will the facade look like when standing in the parking lot? Will that corner office window have a view of traffic or trees? AR technology is helping owners, designers and construction teams make more informed decisions before the first shovel even hits dirt.