French start-up XtreeE has announced the deployment of its connected construction 3D printers has commenced.The company is working to set up production units around the world with the aim to have a network of more than 50 connected printers established by 2025.
Having already set up a pilot production plant in Paris, XtreeE is now building one in Dubai, UAE, which will be operated by Concreative, and is already exploring the possibility of two more production units in Asia. Next year, the ‘XtreeE Printing as a Service’ digital platform will launch and connect customers to a community of architects, product designers, engineers and the XtreeE 3D printing technology.
XtreeE’s printing technology is powered by a large robotic arm and has been developed after collaborations with various academic and industrial partners over three years. The company was founded in December 2015, itself spinning out of a research project with the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture and the Engineering School Arts et Metiers ParisTech.