Some contractors are finding a productivity boost from another type of equipment: Hydrodemolition robots.If you had to guess, what would you say is the number one concern of today’s contractor? Managing tight deadlines?

Ensuring worker safety? Keeping up with developments in technology? How about input costs?According to the Associated General Contractors of America, what keeps contractors up at night is the availability—or more accurately, the lack—of skilled labor. In fact, 80 percent of firms expect it will remain difficult to hire qualified workers in the coming months due to older workers leaving the profession during recession years and younger workers seeking less labor-intensive jobs.

In addition, the world construction market is projected to grow 85 percent by 2030, adding stress to an industry already struggling to keep up with demand.The circumstances for concrete repair contractors are particularly challenging. In an October 2019 news release, the Portland Cement Association predicted cement consumption would continue growing over the next two year—1.7 percent in 2020 and 1.4 percent in 2021—all while the skilled labor force continues to dwindle.