The future will be printed in 3D. Lem Bingley talks to the experts at the forefront of construction’s digital transformation amid a global pandemic that has emphasised the need to find different ways of doing things.The coronavirus crisis “has opened the eyes of everyone who works in an office that we can work remotely”.

And, speaking to Construction News via video conference from his home in Dubai, Paul Mullett observes how commonplace this kind of link has become lately.But the director of engineering and technology at consultant Robert Bird Group says it has also revealed how few people in construction can do the same.

“It’s raised awareness that we’re very dependent still on manual labour,” he says.The result, Mullett argues, will be a strong surge of interest in “industrialised forms of construction, be it volumetric modular or flatpack modular, or whatever” as the industry adjusts to the new normal.

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