There’s little doubt that most of us are now grappling with how to change and adapt to our current realities, not just in terms of the next few weeks, but more so in terms of the next few months and years as we come to realize how much things are about to fundamentally change in terms of what will now be considered “normal”.

Taking a step back, though, we have to be honest in admitting that any discussions around change or adapting to a new reality brings forth a lot of trepidation and wariness simply because we don’t know what we have control over to change and/or adapt.

This is where it becomes invaluable to remember to focus on what’s within our ability today or in the months ahead to change and adapt so that we can be successful in whatever efforts we put forward. To help illustrate this idea, I’d like to share with you my experiences with growing an orchid and what it reveals about the nature of being adaptive to change.

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