A significant amount of greenery is headed to inner-city Dallas, Texas, in the form of a new high-rise that will boast North America’s tallest living wall.

Located at 1899 McKinney Avenue, the building will rise to a height of 320 ft (97.5 m) and feature 40,000 plants growing vertically on sections of its xterior.The high-rise is being developed by Rastegar Property Company and was designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz.It will consist of a contoured glass tower with heavily landscaped balconies and a total of 26 floors and 270 apartments. The ground floor will host a coffee shop or retail space.

A pocket park and an underground garage are planned for the project too.The developer says that the living wall (or green wall) on the exterior of the building will improve the local air quality by capturing over 1,600 lb (725 kg) of carbon dioxide and producing 1,200 lb (544 kg) of oxygen annually. It will also feature sensors to monitor plant health and an efficient irrigation system. We quizzed a representative from the developer on how these impressive figures were arrived at and received the following response from Zachary Smith, CEO and Founder of Zauben, the firm handling the design of the living wall.