Summary has completed its vale de cambra project (see previous coverage here), a 1000 sqm prefabricated collective housing building in portugal.

the project comprises a ground floor level for the multi-services program connected with the surrounding public space and topped by six individual habitational units.These 45 sqm units make the entire upper level, while they are a continuation of summary’s gomos modular systems (see previous coverage here), in which each unit leaves the factory completely ready.

Ummary developed vale de cambra with a series of boldly defined requirements from the beginning, which included a fast, cost effective construction that could be changeable over time.These prompted the portuguese studio to use prefabricated elements and leave parts of the project undefined, assuming the immediacy, flexibility and resources optimization as core themes. a continuation of summary’s prototype, which was unveiled as part of the main exhibition of the venice architecture biennale 2016, the project showcases the benefits of the studio’s prefab and modular building systems.