Red brick is a universal building material produced by thousand-year-old technology that has seldom served any other purpose throughout history. Typically used for construction and architectural esthetics, red bricks are one of the most durable materials.

The bricks comprised of fused particles of silica (SiO2), alumina (Al2O3) and hematite (α-Fe2O3). The red color of a brick originates from hematite. State-of-the-art energy storage materials are also produced from hematite.

Considering this fact, a new study by the Washington University in St. Louis suggested that red bricks can be converted into energy storage units that can be charged to hold electricity, like a battery.

Chemists in Arts & Sciences have developed a method to make or modify “smart bricks” that can store energy until required for powering devices. In their study, scientists have shown that a brick directly powering a green LED light.