What skills will help project leaders succeed in times of uncertainty? As organizations pivot and deploy virtual teams, collaborative, engaging leaders are steering their teams to success.

Penny Pullan, PhD, PMP, founder, Making Projects Work Ltd., Loughborough, England, says when you’re working virtually, command and control doesn’t work. She shares the value of facilitative leadership and the importance of building a team culture and relationships when leading virtual teams.

Luiz Dias, PMP, PgMP, head of digital, portfolio transformation, Department for Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom, Newcastle, England, discusses how he and his teams have added daily standups and opened more lines of communication during COVID-19. He also shares how keeping a calm, positive attitude can help when leading teams in uncertain times.

Key Themes

  • Leading virtual teams with facilitative leadership
  • Creating a culture for virtual teams
  • Building relationships with your team members
  • Communication more important than ever in COVID-19
  • Being open to reinvention and keeping a calm, positive attitude
  •  Characteristics of a great leader: compassionate, concerned for team members and confident