Six 484-square-foot prefabricated concrete housing units comprise a mixed-use building in Portugal’s Vale de Cambria. The studio behind the structure used prefabrication to lower costs, expedite construction and ensure design flexibility.



Architecture studio Summary built VDC, a modular housing scheme in Portugal’s Vale de Cambria, out of prefabricated concrete elements.

Set on a sloping site, six independent cabin-style homes and a communal terrace sit atop a mixed-use building.Summary created VDC after presenting a prototype at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016.Prefabricated concrete modules were used to speed up construction and keep costs low, while a flexible design should allow the complex to be extended or changed in the future.

The ground floor, in particular, is supposed to be as flexible as possible. Concrete slabs make up its perimeter walls with no structural dividing walls.”It’s possible to add or remove compartments or let the whole floor function as a big open space,” said Summart. “Users may adapt the space according to their needs.

The first-floor homes, each measuring 45 square metres, were built according to Summary’s modular housing method called the Gomos System.




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