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. How can practitioners incorporate sustainability and social value into their current practice?

Karen Thompson and Nigel Williams are the co-creators of Responsible Project Management, an initiative that aims to accelerate achievement of sustainable development goals, encouraging responsibility in the context of projects and project management.


Table of Contents

02:12 … The History of Responsible Project Management
06:42 … Comparing Responsible Management to Corporate Social Responsibility
07:45 … Changing the Role of the Project Manager
10:43 … Correctly Defining Sustainability
12:24 … Who Might I be Hurting through This Work?
16:38 … Questions to Ask as a Responsible Project Manager
19:51 … When it’s Not about Success or Failure
22:19 … How to Raise Awareness amongst Stakeholders
24:48 … A Manifesto for Responsible Project Management
29:40 … 2021 The Year of Responsible Project Management
32:02 … Learn More about Responsible Project Management
33:13 … Closing