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The COVID-19 pandemic has required people and businesses to adapt to a new reality with an increased awareness of safety and working together while staying apart.

Chandos Construction COO Sean Penn recently took on the task of visiting multiple worksites and offices across Canada to see how Chandos employees were coping and working with pandemic protocols and the “new normal.”Penn took on the task by purchasing an RV and taking his family along with him as he travelled. Along the way he recorded a series of videos to document both his journey and the work being done by Chandos employees.

Journal of Commerce staff writer Russell Hixson interviewed Penn recently about the trip across the country, how the company coped with COVID-19 from the beginning of the pandemic to the present and the many challenges involved in purchasing, navigating and living in an RV.For more about the trip, check out the story and a video interview featuring footage from Penn’s journey.