“It is vital to recognize that bias is generated reflexively by the brain, and masquerades as reality. As a distortion, bias blocks our access to the present reality.

When our biases are in charge, we are on automatic pilot and unaware of the uniqueness of the present moment and other people.”So concludes a summary newsletter article on the topic of bias produced by the Institute of Coaching. Direct and straightforward, the above statement gets to the heart of the matter.

Bias is within us, and so much so we often do not recognize it because it distorts our reality.Fortunately, as this report, which is based upon research by scientist Jennifer Eberhardt and the book “Sway” by Pragya Agarwal, asserts that bias is not terminal. “Bias can then be deconstructed over time through new social experiences:positive examples and role models, and positive experiences and relationships with out-group members.”

Wide-ranging ill effects

The effect of discrimination is insidious and corrosive. Those in the “out-group” experience the following effects that are emotionally, physically and spiritually degrading. As noted in the report, these negative factors include: