The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) recently released the 2019 Health and Safety Index which indicates Ontario’s workplaces are 1.9 per cent safer than last year, including construction which had the second highest score and was the only sector that saw a year-over-year increase two years in a row.

The index tool combines multiple performance indicators of health and safety into a single, evidence-based measure or score, looking at prevention, empowerment, workplace culture, enforcement and injuries.Construction is the only industry to be positive both years of the index, but to a lesser degree in 2019, indicates a release, adding last year the only negative area was injuries, but this year, it was joined by enforcement.

“In 2018, construction saw an increase of 3.7 per cent and construction was the only sector that saw an increase again in 2019 of 1.9 per cent,” explained Terrance D’souza, executive director, advanced analytics at WSIB.“It’s a year over year change so if you were high last year you are starting at a higher point for the following year. Even though it is a lower improvement, you are still improving from a higher point so it’s a really good news story.”