Since 2015, modus architects — the firm led by matteo scagnol and sandy attia — has been developing a infrastructural landscape project in northern italy.

the masterplan comprises a series of connected, largely underground roads that reduce traffic volume and provide an alternate route around the south tyrol cities of bressanone (brixen) and varna (vahrn). the brief called for a series of interventions along its entire length, including: tunnel portals, retaining walls, acoustic barriers, service substations, mechanical structures, ventilation chimneys, and various signage elements.

modus architects began the project by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of the elements above ground in order to express both an architectural and technical quality. secondly, these elements, and those below ground, were conceptualized into a unified, consequential design approach, and were calibrated to accommodate the particularities of the immediate site conditions.

lastly, the bressanone and varna tracts were pulled together into one continuum whereby the two townships are no longer conceived as distinct contexts but as two parts of a greater whole.