International architectural firm Mecanoo has recently finished a three-part villa in the Netherlands that puts a modern spin on the traditional Dutch barn-house or “hoeve.”

Located in the beautiful Dutch countryside near the town of Vught, Villa Vught comprises three closely built dwellings positioned around a central courtyard.The Villa’s functions are distributed within three distinct volumes, shaped to resemble the vernacular of a small village,” says Mecanoo. “The central open space is protected, yet open to the surrounding landscape. This spatial arrangement guided the design of the Villa.”

The three dwellings are built with dark bronze anodized aluminum cladding, corrugated iron roofing and lighter bronze aluminum finished window frames. Cross-laminated timber panels were used throughout the building process, contributing to the villa’s impressive Energy Performance Coefficient status of 0.26, rendering the villa approximately 75 percent more energy efficient than housing standards set in 2005.

In addition, electric heat pumps have also been incorporated to heat and cool the dwellings.“Compared to other solid construction methods, relatively little energy is needed for the production and processing of cross-laminated timber,” says Mecanoo. “It contributes to sustainable CO2 storage as well.”