Originally completed in the 1970s by noted architect Jerry Lomax, the Taylor Beach House recently received a renovation by SPF:architects.

The two-year project focused on maximizing light and views, and refreshed the home with an improved interior layout.The Taylor Beach House is located a stone’s throw from the sea in Malibu, California, and measures 5,000 sq ft (roughly 464 sq m). Though still striking, it was starting to show its age by the time it was bought by new owners.Lomax himself was planning to tackle the redesign work but handed it over to longtime friend and former colleague Zoltan E.

Pali of SPF:architects after he fell ill with the cancer that would sadly claim his life.The job was more involved than a simple lick of paint, though the firm was careful to retain the original feel of the home.”It was important to me that the renovation not compromise the ideals Jerry imbued; those being minimalism, functionalism, efficiency, and innovation,” explains Pali, Design Principal at SPF:architects. “The resulting transformation is certainly tangible, but this is still very much a Lomax house.”