Exceptional leaders depend on great teams, and great teams are full of great people, which is why it’s so painful when one of your strong contributors decides to leave. This can be demoralizing and made worse if their departure catches you unprepared.

Is it possible to change their minds? Maybe. Like breakups, someone saying “I’m leaving,” is unlikely to be talked out of it. You should assume great consideration went into this decision. Few make these changes lightly. However, it costs you nothing to explore any deeper reasons behind their departure and explore the possibility they might stay.

Why are they leaving?There are simple places to start when evaluating an employees’ motivation for leaving.Is the employee leaving because of you? Is the employee dissatisfied with your relationship, your management style, or other underlying personality conflict?
Are they leaving because of their role? Are they burned out? Do they feel like they’re doing meaningful work?Are they leaving because of fit within the company? Do they believe they have a future here? Do they want to be a part of where the company’s headed?

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