We’ve all seen those neon cardboard ads stapled on telephone poles at intersections: “Work from home and make BIG $$$.” This is now a reality for the ready-mix concrete industry, along with countless others. We are actually better suited than most for going mobile. After all, ready mix is not a desk job.

In the age of industrialization, skilled workers were all pulled into one building and deployed much like a military cavalry formation. Picture Henry Ford’s burgeoning operations in Detroit in the 1920s. In close proximity, they organized into groups of expertise, exchanged ideas and collaborated to produce cutting-edge designs and products. For most of the business world, this model remained unchanged through the 1970s.

The 1980s saw the advent of computers to assist with many calculation intensive tasks, like ready-mix plant batching controls. Repetitive tasks followed in the 1990s and soon gave way to the automation of entire workflows like dispatch. Skilled workers formed a co-dependency with their computers, much like horse and rider of the cavalry, yet still came together in a common space to share, think and be managed.

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