Playing midfielder for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team for over twenty-three years, Kristine Lilly knows a thing or two about winning teams.

Five FIFA World Cups and three Olympic Games, an inductee into the US Olympic Hall of Fame, and the US Soccer Hall of Fame, four national championships, it goes on and on.Add this remarkable achievement and team insight with her co-authors, Dr. John Gills, Jr. (who is an executive leadership guru with LeadershipX) and Dr. Lynette Gillis (who is a professor at Concordia), and you know that you will have something special.

Their new book, Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success, combines practice and theory and mixes in numerous soccer stories at the same time. It’s an invitation for all of us to build powerhouse teams.I recently spoke with the authors about their new book.

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