To survive and thrive beyond COVID-19, contractors must find better ways today to collect and share field data and deploy agile cloud-based resource management solutions that allow contractors to rapidly respond to any project issues with real-time data.

The sudden onset of COVID-19 hit the world like a ton of bricks, bringing industry after industry to a screeching halt. The construction industry is being affected as well, but the outlook for 2020 still has promise.Before the virus hit, construction had been enjoying a strong upward trajectory, with many builders booked months and even years in advance. While the health crisis the country faces today is a serious one, by most estimates, it’s expected to be short-term, as opposed to the housing crisis of 2008, which devastated the sector for years.

So how can the construction industry mitigate damage and stay steady until this public health crisis passes and the economy returns to solid ground? It starts by understanding what can be done to protect employees, jobsites and clients from this crisis, and then quickly implementing the options that make the most sense.Here are four actionable ways technology can help the construction industry contend with COVID-19: