Czech Republic-based architectural studio Scoolpt has created an eco-friendly floating sculpture called Prvok, which can be made in 48 hours via 3D printing and provide a three-room living space. Prvok is made with a Scoolpt robotic arm and uses a concrete mix of nano-polypropylene fibers, plasticizers, and a setting accelerator that hardens to standard compressive strength of home foundations in 24 hours and reaches the compressive strength value of bridges in 28 days.



You will soon meet one of the most beautiful living spaces in the Czech Republic. If you wonder, let’s learn.Called “Prvok”, it is the first original 3D-printed floating liveable sculpture from concrete.

Unveiled in Vltava River in August 2020, Prvok can be made within 48 hours. Additionally, it is also considerably eco-friendly by reducing CO2 emissions and waste. The home is fabricated with eco-technologies meaning it is partially self-sufficient.

Designed by a Czech-based sculptural architectural studio — that specializes in 3D concrete print — Scoolpt, Prvoke has 43 square meters of floor space that accommodates three rooms: a bathroom with a toilet, a living room with a kitchen, and a bedroom.

In Prvok, it used a Scoolpt robotic arm and is constructed seven times faster than conventional houses – in fact, at a speed of 15 cm per second.Its concrete mixture consists of nano-polypropylene fibers, plasticizers, and a setting accelerator. The entire project finished in two months after being produced in June 2020.

As Scoolpt highlights, this type of concrete hardens after 24 hours to the standard firmness of the foundations of a classic family house (i.e. 25 MPa). After total hardening in 28 days, the concrete acquires the values (65 MPa) – the same as in bridges.

“In the future, the owners can crush the building once it has run its useful life, and print it again with the same material directly on the location,‘ said Michal Trpak, the sculptor.