The 673-foot-high Roche Tower 2 in Basel, Switzerland, will likely be finished ahead of schedule thanks the use of building information modeling and the creation of a digital twin. Digital tools have also helped engineers achieve more precise detail, fewer errors and clearer instructions for subcontractors.



Pharmaceutical firm Roche is building its new headquarters: a skyscraper that’s set to become Switzerland’s tallest tower.
Thanks to digital tools, the building—named Roche Tower 2—will be finished ahead of schedule.The Tower 2 project is exemplary both in terms of sustainability and that every step of construction involved a digital twin.

Whether you’re on one of the bridges that cross the Rhine in Basel, Switzerland, or exploring the city’s Old Town, you’ll clearly see the twin towers that are home to the corporate headquarters of Roche, one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies.

Roche Tower 1 was completed in 2015. Tower 2 is currently under construction. At 584 feet, Tower 1 is still officially the tallest building in Switzerland, even though its younger sibling is shaping up to be much taller. On the day of its inauguration, Tower 2, which will be 673 feet tall, will become the new record holder. The tower will be 53 stories high and will house more than 3,400 Roche employees.

Scheduled for May 2022, the inauguration of the new office tower comes a year after Roche’s 125th anniversary celebration. When the company was founded in 1896, the entire surrounding area was fields and meadows. Clearly, a lot has changed.

The new office block stands at an angle to its elder sibling and features the same tapering staircase design. The two towers now dominate the Roche site, and feasibility studies are being conducted for a third building. If realized, the third skyscraper of the set will soar 66 feet higher than Tower 2.