The nearly instantaneous speeds offered by 5G technology can be transformative for construction sites, offering real-time, cable-free digital connections and access to highly data-intensive applications. Cradlepoint’s James Bristow explores how Taylor Construction is putting 5G to work with holographic visualization, safety monitoring via cameras, structural sensing and real-time design displays.



As construction business owners plan for the year and evaluate prospects for new business, it would be prudent to also take a hard look internally to see what can be done to sharpen the edge and make operations more efficient and productive. One strategy to consider is digital transformation.

A substantial amount of capital, resources, and work goes into completing large construction projects. Given the enormity of these endeavors, it would behoove organizations to make sure that the backbone behind these projects, their company, is operating fully efficiently, maximizing cost controls where possible, leveraging coordination and communication, and ensuring that it’s running in an optimal way to support projects.

Modernization through digital technologies and innovation can be the gateway to put you on this more efficient path.Digital transformation has become quite prevalent across other business industries as technology has been democratized for business users, cloud technologies have grown at enormous rates, and connectivity has expanded in and outside a business.

The benefits from digitizing your construction business are quite substantial:

  • Assist you in getting the most out of your current technology investment
  • Reimagine customer value, communications and delivery to improve relationships
  • Leverage cloud computing for lower costs and greater access
  • Use automation to remove bottlenecks and redundancies in workflow
  • Enhance collaboration and communication between architects, contractor and site crew
  • Get deeper insight into your business operations
  • Better utilize planning for labor, material, and equipment
  • Speed up and improve scheduling and dispatch
  • Extend site visibility for improved transparency anytime/anywhere with mobile and cloud
  • Issue faster, more complete reports about performance of contractor and labor