Myung-Kwan Lim and Kyung-Yong Nam



During concrete construction in winter, the concrete performance is generally improved by adding a chemical admixture or providing protection using tents and hot-air blowers.

However, long-term strength or safety accidents may occur due to the installation and removal of the tents. This study considered insulated gang forms to improve formwork methods. In this regard, the microstructure and micropore characteristics of concrete were investigated experimentally to examine the insulated gang form effect on the physical and mechanical properties of concrete.

The micropore characteristics were investigated through scanning electron microscopy. The results confirm that applying insulated gangs improves workability and safety without adding chemical admixture. Moreover, the application of insulated gang forms reduces the use of tents and hot-air blowers. Therefore, insulated gangs provide excellent initial quality to the concrete. View Full-Text.



concrete performance; insulated gang form; mechanical properties; chemical admixture