The paper discusses the possibilities of using ecological, organic materials such as sawdust and shavings for the production of lightweight cement composites. First, the method for determining the approximate constitution of such composites was proposed.

A plan was prepared for four different assumed amounts of cement (250, 300, 350, and 400 kg/m3) of the mixture. For each quantity of cement, three series with a different total sum of components were prepared. The compressive strength test results were indicated in an equilateral triangle with the numerical values of the basic components on each side. The triangle was divided into four zones facilitating the selection a composite recipe depending on amount of cement, apparent density, and its compressive strength.

Next, the production technology of blocks based on organic waste with an expanded polystyrene insert, characterized by a very low thermal conductivity (<0.15 W/m2·K [<0.026 BTU/(h·ft2·°F)]), was developed

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