In our most recent roundup of 3D printing webinars and events, we told you about the free “Let’s Talk Concrete 3D Printing: A Multidisciplinary Approach” webinar by Spanish company ACCIONA.

The webinar, held the morning of June 30, lasted about 100 minutes and focused on the use of 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology in the value chain. Several speakers presented their viewpoints about the topic.International contractor ACCIONA is nearly 100 years old, and works to develop infrastructure. The company is focused on sustainability, and claims to have been carbon-neutral since 2016.

ACCIONA COO of 3D Printing Luis Clemente introduced the first speaker, Carlos Egea, Manager at ACCIONA’s 3D Printing Skill Center in Madrid.He explained that 3D printing innovation is based on three things: the machine, the material, and the design.

Egea noted that 3D printing can fabricate “impossible forms and shapes,” and said that, while ACCIONA has also used powder bed technology, the company is now working on extrusion processes, with a focus on concrete, which can make all sorts of things, like walls, bridges, and staircases.

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