As an executive coach, my key task in this critical time of change is to help leaders remain calm within the storm.

By modeling that confident, capable spirit to their team, giving clear direction and providing transparent communication, leaders will help everyone to feel calmer and act as a unified team.That’s what differentiates the active leaders from the rest of the crowd. I urge all my clients to be straightforward about how the changes that are occurring may affect them, while showing that they fully believe their team to be capable of navigating them.

Numerous clients have reached out with the same question: How should they communicate with their employees during and after a crisis?Whether they’re responding to COVID-19 or another crisis that will affect them in the future, they need a toolkit of proven crisis communication strategies.Consistent and transparent communication is vital, I tell them. Strong communication strategies will help you continue to manage the transitions in progress and prepare yourself for any future crisis. Keep your coworkers, managers, teams, and employees informed about what’s happening throughout the duration of the pandemic, so they know you’re on the same team.