Geographic information systems and asset-management technology top a list of five leading technologies in public works cited by about 6,000 professionals globally. Rounding out the top five in a poll by the American Public Works Association are technology integration, small-cell and 5G technology, and technology for field crews and for public engagement.



The public sector is rife with technological innovations. So many, in fact, that the American Public Works Association recently pitted them against each other in a March Madness-style bracket. After tallying roughly 6,000 votes from public works professionals all over the world, these five technologies emerged as the top five for 2021:

Geographic Information Systems and Asset Management Technologies: These technologies help public works professionals develop and prepare short- and long-term infrastructure and financial plans, infrastructure assessments and fleet telematics analyses through public engagement tools and data-driven, real-time dashboards.

Integration of Technologies: Integrated technologies help professionals identify data and how to best leverage it to achieve desired service levels and enable greater accountability, reporting and efficiency.

Small Cell/5G Technologies: Where deployed, small cells provide coverage to increase productivity and situational awareness by enabling end users to make smarter decisions in real time, providing improved access to information for emergency and first responders as they arrive on the scene.

Technology for Field Crews: This increases efficiency for the work order system, infrastructure assessments, emergency management reporting and more. These technologies give public works professionals something to learn from and incorporate in future efforts.