Walking meetings, standing presentations and “a quick shake-out” before a meeting are just a few ways to be more active during the workday, writes Lexie Thrash. “We all need a little lightness, joy, and reminder to connect with our body right now, even if it’s only for a minute,” she writes.



After a long day of work sitting in front of my screen, I often stand up to make dinner and think, “Oh, my shoulders have been up to my ears ALL DAY!”

With driving deadlines, back-to-back virtual meetings, and—let’s face it—the non-stop nature of our world at this moment, it’s easy to go an entire day without moving your body. In fact, it can be easy for us to forget about our physicality altogether. But our bodies are meant to move!

As a dancer and choreographer in my off-work-hours, I’m trained to be keenly aware of my body and what it needs/tells me. This awareness allows me to stay grounded and integrated, improving my mental state and thus improving work performance.

I enjoy sharing this part of myself with my colleagues and empowering others to make this connection within themselves, too. During last year’s annual Duarte team gathering (which we call Shop Day), I led Duartians in a dance class where they got to experience the joy of movement and find their inner groove. It was a day I’ll never forget.