Getting the right mix of hallway lighting ideas is particularly important in your home’s entrance hall. After all, not only is this the first impression of your home, but also potentially a small, narrow and dark space. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways that lighting can complement the rest of your hallway ideas and help to create a space that not only looks good, but is functional too.



We’ve pulled together 15 of the best examples of lighting design in entrance halls to inspire your project and make the very best out of your hallway, no matter what the shape and size.


Hallway Lighting Ideas

Before we get into our selection of hallway lighting ideas, it’s handy to know about the different kinds of lighting you might use in your design.Ambient lighting, for example, is the general lighting of your space – this creates the most light over the largest area.

Accent lighting is a type of lighting used to highlight features — this can be really effective in making a hallway have more depth and interest as it’s often such a long narrow room.Task lighting is lighting utilised to make doing specific things easier. It’s often brighter, and directed into the area where you’ll be performing a specific task.


1. Don’t Forget About Your Hallway’s Natural Lighting

Before we get into artificial lighting, let’s not forget about natural lighting. If you’re in the position where you’re self building a home, or even extending to create a new hallway, you’ve got a rare opportunity to address any shortcomings in the natural light department with some clever hallway design.

If you have a hallway that extends from a porch or are building a single storey area, rooflights are incredibly effective at flooding a room with space, however, there are simpler options too often based around front door ideas. These include choosing a front door with glazing, or adding sidelights or a fanlight around a front door.