Don McLoud showcases a dozen attachments for construction equipment that can be useful for placing or removing concrete. Some examples include the CC30 Concrete Claw, which can remove large slabs of concrete, and the RD6536 Skid Steer Pump, which can pump grout, shotcrete and other materials.



When it’s time to build a driveway or patch a road, you might be able to save yourself the expense of buying or renting a designated machine. Instead, these attachments allow you to use your skid steer, compact track loader or other construction equipment for the task

Danuser’s Mega Mixer material handling bucket for mixing and spreading concrete has some recent improvements, including a discharge end that is easier to operate. The 8-inch-diameter, 8-inch pitch auger improves mixing and dispensing.

The motor gets a boost in torque and power and can dispense ¾ cubic yards of material in 26 seconds. Mounts on both sides enable the operator to dispense either left or right of the host machine. Other features include pin holders, easy-to-read yardage markers and two 2-foot multi-link chutes that can be stored on the bucket.

The Edge Cold Planer features high torque to quickly mill concrete and asphalt. It comes in standard and high-flow versions for skid steers, track loaders and articulated loaders. The standard model has hydraulic side-shift controls and manual tilt and depth controls. The high-flow option has electric-hydraulic side-shift and tilt and depth controls.

Three hydraulic lines feed a single circuit. Both versions come with wire harness and control box, hoses, hose saver kit, flat face couplers and asphalt picks. A dust control kit is optional.