You’re one of a million speakers. How do you stand out? Let’s say you’re appearing at one of those enormous, week-long events like Hubspot’s INBOUND.

This year there will be more than 25,000 people and over 250 speakers, if the trends from the last several years continue. How do you attract an audience and avoid getting lost in the crowd?

And even more important than one single event, in an industry with more and more competition, how do you stand out and win your share of speeches?You might be tempted to frame the problem in something like the following way:

How do I market myself, or talk about myself, in a way that is so compelling that people will flock to my events? You’d be tempted, because it seems like the natural place to start, but you’d be wrong, and for two reasons.

First, it’s hard to talk about yourself in the way that will light up social media, win gigs, and attract a crowd. It’s hard, and, for most people, it’s uncomfortable.

There are exceptions, but many of us were brought up on some variant of “don’t brag about yourself.” And talking about yourself as the next big speaking threat seems like braggadoci

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